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As an experienced California Mortgage Banker and Home Equity Loan Professional, we are able to help you with all of your mortgage, refinance, and home equity loan needs that you have. If you are buying your first home, want to consolidate your bills, or maybe even lower your monthly payments, get out of debt, and/or just put some cash in your pocket, we are here to help. By applying for a California Home Mortgage Loan or a California Refinance Loan we can help you to get cash, consolidate your debts, move into your first home, or move into the home of your dreams. Apply today and see how much money you can save by utilizing
at Summit Mortgage Corporation. We look forward to solving all your mortgage financing needs.

Read our Client Testimonials and see why we are so respected in the real estate community and have the reputation as a premier licensed mortgage lender in the state of California.

Amanda Niles, MBA
(503) 810-4873
NMLS 3236 | MLO 76919

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